Get Spooky: Weekend Horoscopes Oct. 30-Nov. 1

What’s everyone doing for Halloween? Dressing up as work-from-home moms? Watching spooky sh*t on Netflix? Just screaming into a pillow? Grool. It’s the last weekend before we know who may take over this sinking ship of a country, so, that’s something to fit right in with Halloween.

The planets are lining up to give most of us a quiet, thoughtful, and smooth weekend, so that’s something to be thankful for. Shall we?


Spend time working on your relationships this weekend, Scorpio. Watch whatever sports your partner insists need to be on, call your mom and listen to her complain about dad not raking the leaves again, and grab a glass of wine with your sister or best friend. Sunday is great for quiet relaxation, so grab a creepy novel or just catch up on the news, which is equally scary.


Yikes, time to look at how healthy you are or aren’t, Sagittarius. Chugging vodka, eating pizza, and washing it all down with coffee the next day may have worked in college, but you aren’t like, that young anymore. Time for some water, kale, and a jog. Take the weekend to truly spend some time on yourself and focusing on chilling tf out.


Hooray for creativity, Capricorn. Since it’s the Hallo-weekend, channel your inner artist and carve a creepy pumpkin to ward off herds of wandering children. Or, create an obnoxious costume out of your different pieces of loungewear. You could also explore the super fun world of culinary creativity by making yourself something other than takeout for dinner. Just sayin’.


Be a homebody this weekend, Aquarius. Like, honestly, put on your favorite not-okay-to-go-out-in sweats, make a big pot of tea, coffee, or wine (yep, make a pot of wine), and snuggle in for the next 48 hours. The most you should be doing is laundry or dishes. Seriously, after the week you’ve had, you need to just focus on clearing some head space and doing absolutely nothing.


If you can safely go out for Halloween, meet up with a friend or two, or just be out in society (with a mask), go for it. You’re going to be craving human contact and conversation, so it’s best to indulge a little bit so long as you’re being responsible about it. Plus, maybe it’ll give you a chance to see if that Halloween costume from college still fits.


The full moon is like, “spend all your money, lol!” but you should probably ignore the urge to blow hundreds on something you’ll wear once. You’ll be fighting the urge to online shop Saturday morning, so maybe it’s best to appease yourself with something small rather than something that’s going to f*ck up your budget for the month.


You’re going to be feeeeeling yourself all weekend, Taurus, thanks to the planets sending you super positive vibes all day Saturday and Sunday. Since hosting a Halloween party and making everyone soak up your awesomeness isn’t really chill rn, we’d suggest brunch with a friend or two on Saturday then a hike with others later in the afternoon. That way you can spread your positivity and energy all around without spreading germs.


Indulge in the Halloween spirit this weekend, Gemini, and wear a costume out for groceries, to dinner with your S.O., and just around the house while you do laundry. Bonus points if you can transition a Halloween outfit into the bedroom without it getting too weird. The planets are pushing your creative boundaries, too, so this is a great opportunity to finish that DIY project you’ve been putting off. Like, if redoing that dresser requires some chalk paint and interesting hardware, get to Home Depot and get that sh*t done.


You’ll be itching to see friends and family this weekend, Cancer, so fire up FaceTime and see how many people you can chat with at the same time. I’m not sure the limit exists. If the weather is nice on Saturday afternoon, maybe you can grab a spooky glass of wine with some non-spooky coworkers. You can talk about all the scary sh*t your boss does! Sunday is for calling your mom and checking your work email, so plan for a chill day and cancel any plans that don’t spark joy.


It’s about to be a successful weekend, Leo, so spend your time wisely. Whatever task you attack on Saturday and Sunday will have great results thanks to the planets totally having your back for the next few days. So if you’ve been thinking about writing a novel or punching through the drywall in your kitchen to open things up or presenting a plan for your boss to give you a 25% raise, go ahead and reach for the stars.


Be bold this weekend, Virgo. The stars want you to actually leave the house, so it’s a good excuse to put on a costume or, at the very least, break out those fall boots you haven’t had a chance to wear yet. Saturday presents a great opportunity to stroll through your fav small town’s main street (with a mask on, obviously) and support local. Sunday, grab a friend or two and have mimosas at your casa to ward off the Sunday scaries.


You’ll be embracing the spooky season this weekend, Libra, with a slew of weird feelings, dreams complete with dead relatives, and intuitive moments. Set aside some quiet time so you can filter through all that sh*t, then make time to connect with a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. Sunday is for naps, so get your Snuggie out of storage and bring on the cuddle times.

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Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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