Get Hype For Sagittarius Season: Weekly Horoscopes November 23-27

Yes, we’re all focused on the Thanksgiving holiday that may-or-may not even be happening this week, but let’s not forget the truly important and joyous even we’re also celebrating: Sagittarius season. We are finally out of the deep emo phase that was Scorpio season (sorry Scorpios, but it’s true) and ready to head into festive, firey, Sagittarius. What I’m trying to say is: if you suddenly feel the urge to buy a turkey suit to surprise the cousins on your Thanksgiving Zoom… blame Sagittarius.


You’ve got no lack of things to be thankful for this week. It just seems like everything is coming up Aries! And with the Sun in Sagittarius, you’re feeling like extending the gracious vibes to those around you. A special touch that you add to your quarantine Thanksgiving could be just the thing Zoom family/pod/single household gathering needed to take this holiday from “worst Thanksgiving ever” to “actually low-key kind of amazing.”


Feeing prickly just in time for the holidays, aren’t ya, Taurus? You may want to lay off the pre-dinner wine (though you probably won’t). Sagittarius season has you deep in your feelings right now, and with that plus a pandemic holiday coming up, chances are the person making it awkward at this year’s (virtual) dinner is gonna be you. Oops! Looks like someone is gonna have to make it up to the fam with some amazing holiday gifting this year. Start saving!


You’re feeling extra generous this week, Gemini, and I’m not just talking about the extra shot you’re pouring into your cousin’s hot cider. Sagittarius has brought the season of giving straight to your door, and you can’t help but do everything you can for those around you. Starting by wearing your mask and not gathering in groups outside your household. See! It wasn’t that hard!


Congratulations, Cancer! You’ll be the star of whatever table (or sad family Zoom) you attend this week. Sagittarius is imbuing you with their magnetic energy, and you can’t help but regaling everyone with your amazing and hilarious stories. Use the good vibes to shake up your routine, maybe by trying out a new Thanksgiving recipe or putting a spin on an old fav. (Not grandma’s stuffing, though. That recipe is perfect.)


With the help of your fellow fire sign, you are feeling the familial vibes and getting way into the reason for the season. You’re helping mom in the kitchen (even if that just means FaceTiming her while she makes another batch of stuffing). You’re grabbing dad another beer (or helping him get a webcam set up in the living room so you can watch him drink a beer) and laughing your damn ass off at Uncle Al’s latest puns (even if you have to hear them over Zoom). And *that’s* how you make the pandemic holidays work for you.


Staying inside and eating while the Netflix fireplace video lightly crackles in the background? Yes please. The Sun’s journey into Sagittarius has positively electrified your cozy, at home vibes, meaning nobody has to tell you to stay home twice. Now if only the CDC could come up with a pill to make everyone Virgos…


Sagittarius season has you needing to reconnect with your squad, and luckily with the holidays around the corner you’ll have plenty of chances. Organize a secret santa for your quarantine pod, start knitting some holiday masks, or send out an invitation for a Zoom caroling sesh. Actually maybe don’t do that last one. Nobody wants that.


Sagittarius season has taken hold of your wallet, Scorpio, and you’re gonna need to loosen her grip. As fun as it is to buy lavish gifts for literally every person you’ve ever met in your life, so is like, paying rent and eating food. Your friends and family will still love you even if you don’t show up to Thanksgiving with top shelf liquor, or go full psycho and actually buy your partner a Peloton for Christmas.


Happy birthday to you, beyotch! Finally, the rest of the world is ready to open their minds and get on your level. Now is the perfect time to go all-in on new experiences, follow the fun, and fully embrace the IDGAF attitude that makes your sign so fun. Except when it comes to public health guidelines, of course. You kind of have to GAF about those.


It’s Sagittarius season, which means the archer is here to literally force you to have fun. Embrace it. This week (and the weeks to come) you’re going to have a less than zero percent chance of getting any work done. Call them unofficial mental vacation days. This week, allow the bare minimum to be good enough and spend the hours you would have spent perfecting your OOO holiday message toward doing literally anything else.


Second lockdown? Bring it the f*ck on. Sagittarius season is igniting your need to create community, whether that community has to stay six feet apart or nah. This month, follow through on the urge to organize a group chat book club, Netflix watch party, or to gather the quarantine pod, preferably in someone’s backyard with heat lamps. Or you could hit up your one rich friend and see what the deal is with their aunt’s beach house. Just saying…


Sagittarius season is having you step out of your comfort zone and really ask for what you want, whether that be for your aunt to pass the potatoes or for your brother-in-law to put his goddamn mask over his nose *and* mouth. Don’t be afraid to be that b*tch and ask for what you really want, especially when you’re in the right. Worst case scenario BIL gets pissed and refuses to talk to you for the rest of the night. A blessing in disguise.

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Alise Morales
Alise Morales
Alise Morales is a comedy writer and performer. She is the writer of the Betches Sup Newsletter and co-host of the Betches Sup Podcast.