Garrett Yrigoyen's Divorce May Not Have Gone Down The Way He Claims

On last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, frontrunner-turned-bigot Garrett Yrigoyen dropped a major bombshell by revealing that he’s divorced. The horror! Literally, like, everyone gets divorced these days, so it’s not so shocking, but the questionable part is that his marriage only lasted a couple months. Yikes. In case you haven’t noticed, Becca is 1,000% only here for true commitment, so a two-month marriage is a clear red flag. Garrett, charmer that he is, did a great job explaining that his wife quickly became emotionally abusive, and that he went through with the marriage because he was super committed to making it work. Blah blah blah. Becca was basically drooling by the end of his story, and he was swiftly given a rose. Good job Garrett, thrilled for your success (ugh). Still not over the transphobic memes, but what can you do?

So obviously Garrett is competing on a reality show, and he seems more than happy to throw his ex-wife under the bus, but is the story actually true? Or did he just bullshit an excuse that makes him sound like the committed fighter, just trying valiantly to save his relationship with a dragon lady? I had a feeling there was a little more to the story, and thankfully some very interesting sources have chimed in on what allegedly really happened in Garrett Yrigoyen’s divorce.

First of all, the professional detectives known as Redditors and The Daily Mail got all the facts about the marriage that we needed, just to know the general timeline. Garrett Yrigoyen married Kayla Cunningham on September 19, 2015 (which we know from a now-deleted online registry), and their divorce was finalized in March, 2016. Obviously that’s longer than two months, but these things take time to finalize. Either way, it’s a short marriage, considering that the planned end of your marital contract is literally death.

On the show, Garrett claimed that his wife changed after the wedding and was emotionally abusive. But a source who claims to be friends with Kayla called bullshit on that story. She said that soon after the wedding, he started acting “cold and disrespectful” to Kayla and her family, and then one day he just packed up all his shit and moved out, without saying anything to Kayla. If that’s true, I’m actually impressed, because every time I move it takes me like seven weeks to pack up all my stuff, and most of that time is just complaining while I avoid packing. The source says that a week later, Garrett came back and said he wanted half of everything. After a lengthy court battle, “she had to give him some money.” Hmm.


So Kayla’s friend basically feels like Garrett used Kayla to get a fancy wedding, and then left six months later with half of her shit. Not good. If that’s how it actually went down, then I’m even more done with Garrett than I was before. Another source claiming to know Garrett said that Becca should “watch out” for him, which sounds ominous AF. I don’t trust this dude as far as I could throw him, but Becca seems all-in on him.

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This is just another reason why it’s ridiculous that The Bachelorette is filmed way in advance, in secrecy, with no contact to the outside world. Becca’s six months behind in her little Chris Harrison-hosted bubble, while week after week, people are out here in the world finding numerous reasons why half the guys on her season are basically garbage humans. What if Becca is engaged to Garrett right now, and she has no idea that he’s secretly packing up all his stuff while she’s not home? He did it once, so who’s to say it won’t happen again?? Becca, you in danger girl.

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Dylan Hafer
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