The Fyre Festival Guy Is Back To His Old Scams

If there’s anyone brave enough to run another scam after being publicly shamed for the first one, it’s a relatively attractive rich white man in his twenties. After he was arrested last year for the funniest scam of all time, The Fyre Festival, Billy McFarland has gone right back to his old tricks.

The trash-Fyre Fest of 2017 promised elite musical festival-goers luxury villas and gourmet meals on a remote island in The Bahamas in exchange for a thousand dollar plus entry fee. Instead, attendees were met with a yard full of soggy tents, cheese sandwiches and a cancelled schedule of performers all while being high-key trapped on an island. Let us never forget this iconic image of a Fyre Fest gourmet dinner:

The sad, single tomato atop a bed of watery iceberg greens complements an open-faced processed cheese sandwich to create the perfect nightmare for someone who just spent all their savings on the promise of a glamorous dance party on a beach. As far as elaborate scams go, Fyre fest is my absolute favorite and luckily McFarland has blessed us with yet another millennial entertainment disaster.

26-year-old McFarland was re-arrested Tuesday and charged with earning $100,000 for selling fake tickets to elite music, high fashion and sporting events. Through a company he controlled, NYC VIP access, McFarland managed to rip off former attendees of the Fyre Festival yet again. Damn boy, let a wound heal.

His new charges include one count of wire fraud and one count of money laundering which could put him in prison for up to forty years if he is convicted. According to Manhattan federal prosecutors, McFarland started the ticketing scheme only months after he defrauded Fyre Fest investors out of 24 million dollars. McFarland, being the millennial Madoff he is, ruthlessly hustled to target attendees of the Fyre Fest with the biggest salaries. He lured them into buying tickets for more exclusive events that were not just bad sandwiches in wet tents, but straight up didn’t exist. He even sold tickets to the 2018 Met Gala! I really hope they didn’t buy a gown.

Prosecutors says they have evidence that McFarland also committed bank fraud and identity theft while out on bail and a magistrate judge ordered him detained on Tuesday. When prosecutor Kristy Greenberg told the judge, “Mr. McFarland is a serial fraudster plain and simple,” McFarland’s lawyer responded, “We vigorously contest what is in this complaint.” McFarland must have lured his lawyer in under the promise of bikini models too because there aren’t enough Kraft single slices in Manhattan to trick anyone into see McFarland as a genuine businessman.

Good luck Billy Boy, hopefully you can run a fun event scheme in prison!

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