Funny Girls: Betches of the Week

For this installment of BOTW we're doing things a little differently because we actually have six betches of the week. It's the six betches from Oxygen's Funny Girls. ICYMI / don't read, Funny Girls follows six up-and-coming standup comedians who are trying to make it big in LA.

So, why did we bestow these ladies with arguably (I said arguably) the greatest honor known to women? It's simple: because they're funny and fearless, which are the principles this site was literally founded upon. It obv takes a lot of ovaries (you thought I was going to say balls!) to get up on a stage in front of people you don't know and tell a story about your failed Tinder date, or whatever. And even though comedy is a male-dominated industry, much like literally every other industry in the world, they aren't giving up. That's like, pretty badass if you ask me. Not to mention making a living off of being funny is literally the dream. When my friends get high they act like I'm the next Joan Rivers (RIP), do you think I could make it?

In an attempt to get to know the Betches of the Week, I've provided some brief biographies and genius commentary.

Scout Durwood: AKA “Lady Scoutington” (plus points for being named after the most badass character in To Kill a Mockingbird), she was named one of HuffPo's “20 Burlesque Stars to Know,” and her work's been featured on Howard Stern and The Mindy Project, a very betchy show. She also moved to New York after having grown up in Kansas, and getting out of Kansas is pretty betchy in and of itself.

Calise Hawkins: Calise has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Parental Control–who remembers Parental Control? That was my sh*t. She's also opened for Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Damon Wayans, and Jay Pharoah (call me). And she has an 8-year-old daughter. Casual. I can barely survive just taking care of myself, let alone actually being successful. WTF?!

Yamaneika Saunders: Her mother was a comedian so she followed in her footsteps and went to a performing arts high school to become an actress. There’s a reason she was a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing — girl is a total powerhouse.  She’s already tackled New York and LA (very high on a betch’s to-do list) and can improv like no other. Yamaneika is known for saying what everyone else is thinking but afraid to say aloud, and calls her brand of comedy “in your face and aggressive”–same. If that wasn’t enough, her weekly podcast, “Rantin’ and Ravin’” is a weekly must with sh*t every Betch wants to let loose on, like “B*tch, I’ll Slap You and Steal Your Man” and “Queen of Glory.”

Nicole Aimee Schreiber: Grew up outside of Detroit with “a life of constant disappointment to her overachieving Jewish mother”–also same (hi, Mom!). Unlike me, Nicole did something legitimate in college and completed a pre-med program and got a real job, before deciding to leave all that behind and become a cafe waitress by day and a standup comedian by night.

Stephanie Simbari: Stephanie is a native New Yorker who's opened for fellow betch Whitney Cummings. Her comedy is like stream of consciousness, exploring her life and relationships in an unfiltered way. Cue, “omg that's like so me.”

Ester Steinberg: Probably not the same Ester Steinberg you went to camp with, this one is a comedy writer and performer based in LA and performs at the Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, and more. She started her career performing stand-up on her high school's lunch tables in Tampa, Florida, and she can totally sit with us.

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