The Funniest Things That Ever Happened On 'Friends'

Friends is one of the greatest shows of our time. Period, full stop. Fight me on this. I could write a think piece on it, and I’ve definitely drunkenly rambled about it many times before, but Friends was like, actually pretty progressive for a sitcom full of white people that took place in the 90s. First off, Ross and Joey date multiple women of color, which I’m pretty sure you don’t see on The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother. Rachel has a baby out of wedlock. Phoebe is a surrogate for triplets way before Kim Kardashian or This Is Us. And I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of other things. It was like, low-key revolutionary, okay?? (Yes I’m aware that there were problematic aspects such as the rampant fat-shaming of Monica, but you can’t win ’em all.) That said, sometimes Friends just made no fucking sense. We rounded up the funniest (and most ridiculous) things to happen on Friends. Fight us in the comments section.

How Phoebe was an unpaid, formerly homeless coffee shop singer yet could still afford to live in a huge apartment in the West Village.

Phoebe Friends

How Ross was basically Rachel’s bitch.

Ross Rachel Friends

Rightfully so, I mean look at him.

Ross Friends

When Brad Pitt guest starred as the founder of the I Hate Rachel Green Club

Brad Pitt

That time Ross freaked the fuck out, because his boss ate his sandwich.

Sandwich Friends

But like, remained totally calm when he accidentally MARRIED Rachel.

Mrs. Ross Friends

When Phoebe pretended she hated corporate massage places but then had to massage Rachel.

Ikea Friends

Pretty much all ridiculous songs written by Phoebe.

Hamburgers Friends

How none of Chandler’s friends had any idea what he did for a living.

Transponster Friends

That time Ross over-tanned.

Ross Tan Friends

How Phoebe was just generally a complete freak.

Phoebe Friends

And Joey was realllll dumb.

Moo Friends

And was a terrible actor…

Sup Friends

And was constantly eating and never working out and yet was the hottest person on the show…

Joey Friends

When Ross said Rachel’s name when he married Emily.

Take Thee Rachel Friends

That time Ross fell asleep while reading Rachel’s letter but pretended he read it.

Fine By Me Friends

When Ross and Joey secretly enjoyed napping together.

Naps Friends

Flashback episodes

Okay Friends

When Monica was fat.

Monica Friends

And obvi, every single time Ross claimed they were on a break.

We Were On A Break

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