The Friend Crush Defined

So you meet a girl that you think is really cool, and even though you’re totally straight and not into her romantically, you instantly want to induct her into your friend group.  Maybe she just moved here and you met her out, or maybe she’s dating one of your bro friends and she’s the sister you didn’t know you had. Either way, when you meet this person you think, “Where did you come from?” and want to be best friends with them. This is a friend crush.

The friend crush is a non-romantic crush on someone. It can be a guy or a girl, but there is no sexual chemistry. It’s like meeting someone you could see being your sister or your brother, or a version of you in an alternate universe.

Just like a crush, it develops very fast and it either fizzles out or quickly catches fire.  You know within moments of meeting this person that you want to be friends with them.  Maybe she’s got the hair you want and is talking about biking across the country and you were planning to do the same thing, or she’s just got amazing style and you’re pretty sure you would have been besties if you had gone to school together.

You know you have a friend crush when all of a sudden you’re inviting this person to your pregames and group dinners and everybody else is in love with her too.  You find yourself FB stalking her vaca pics and every time you find out something new about her, you realize that you’re basically friend soulmates.  Like, you were both the youngest or the only girl in the family, or you both were in all-star band and secretly nerds in elementary school.  Whatever it is, just like a crush, everything you find out about this person makes them seem cool.

Like a real crush, the friend crush either stays a crush or turns into something else.  You either induct this person into your group, or she becomes a peripheral friend that you’re always excited to see. If she’s dating a bro friend of yours, you want them to stay together so he’ll bring her along to parties with the group. If a friend crush fizzles out, or you both go her separate ways, you’ll find that you and your best friends will occasionally still bring it up as in, “remember Carl’s ex Kristen? I just saw she’s a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader now. Too bad they broke up, she was so cool.”

The most important thing about having a friend crush is that your inner circle is involved, just like a real crush. If they're not on board then you'll quickly lose interest.  And you always consult with the group before asking your friend crush to join group dinner, because that's just like the rules of feminism. But, as your friends already know, you have good taste in friends, so chances are high that your new protege is accepted by all.


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