These Cute iPhone Cases Will Let Everyone Know You DGAF

So it’s Thursday, which means you almost survived the week. Cheers. But let’s be real, you didn’t survive the week without sending your boss 17 emails on the subway and going on two different (terrible) Bumble dates—in other words, you wouldn’t have made it here without your phone. But do you know what would make that a lot easier? A funny phone case to lighten the mood. Honestly, we’ve all been there. Nobody wants to roll up anywhere with an Otterbox that’s ten times thicker than your actual phone and hides the fact that you bought it in rose gold for a reason. So lighten up iPhone. I see you. Luckily Shop Betches iPhone cases are cute and functional. We’ve come out with our Friday Feels collection to capture, well, your Friday feels. We all know you’re completely out of fucks to give by the time Friday rolls around, so instead of sending your boss a passive-aggressive email and risk your job, let your phone case do the talking.

The “Don’t Rain on My Prada” phone case is honestly perfect for the high fashion betch who knows anything and everything about classy shit. I mean this phone case literally gives you the authority to walk around saying “don’t stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey.” Because everyone will look at it and be like “wow, she knows her shit.” And they’d be correct. You do. It’s also a slightly more sophisticated way of saying “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe”—aka your mom won’t get mad at you if she sees you walking around with this phone case.

Don't Rain On My Prada Phone Case

Personally, any time I see someone walking around with marble print manis, notebooks, waterbottles, etc. I feel like they’re either a total goddess or just poised AF. The purple marble phone case makes you seem v on trend, plus it matches all of those gorg marble table food Instas you’ll be taking with it. (I mean, betches who have this phone case obvs are only dining at classy establishments.)

Purple Marble Phone Case Shop Betches

Much like everything else we loved in the 90s, mermaids are back in a big way. We all started worshipping them when Ariel had men falling for her without doing work or like, even speaking. Even though we kind of hate the new mermaid hair and mermaid toast trends, it doesn’t change the fact that we all used to pretend to be mermaids in our backyard pools when we were seven. So now, there’s a sea foam sea glass phone case so you can feel like a legit mermaid without the ombre blue and green hair.

Sea Foam Glass Shop Betches Phone Case

Honestly the “Resting Betch Face” phone case is literally all of us. When someone tries to call out your RBF just hold up your phone in situations where holding up the middle finger might be inappropriate. Genius. 

Resting Betch Face

Of course, the collection wouldn’t be complete without a “Boy Bye” phone case. I feel like I spend 97% of my time telling my friends to say this. Or telling boys this. Or just thinking this whenever men approach. So now I can just show them my phone and not even open my mouth. What will I do with all that time saved??

Boy Bye

The best way to sum up being at work on a Friday is with the “Fresh Out of Fucks” phone case. (Just in case anyone was confused and thought you had any fucks to spare.)

Fresh Out Of Fucks Phone Case

It wouldn’t be Friday if it wasn’t lit AF. Next time your dad/some rando at the club asks if you have a boyfriend, show them your Lit AF phone case. I’m in a relationship…with vodka sodas.

Lit AF

The “Blah Blah Blah” iPhone case is literally all of us when that annoying coworker starts talking. You know the one.

Blah Blah Blah Phone Case

Shop the entire Friday Feels collection just in time for Friday, only at Shop Betches!