The French Manicure Might Be Making A Comeback

Regretfully, the French manicure might not just be for strippers and junior proms anymore. The ultimate nice girl nail choice has officially infiltrated the world of high fashion. Yes, spotted in at least three different New York Fashion Week shows was none other than the French mani. I guess these aren't the ugliest effing nails I've ever seen though because at least these designers had the decency to switch it up a bit (thank fucking God).

At the Ghostbaby show, the girls wore silver tips.

The red tips at Veronica Beard's show are OK I guess.

I could wear these un-ironically if I wanted to.

UGH, WHATEVER. You win, NYFW. But if you ever try to tell me acrylics are chic, then I'm fucking out, like, forever.


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