The Freebie List

Once a betch has been with a pro for a while she might get a little bored and want to change things up. But since cheating isn't betchy, and male prostitution is frowned upon, enter the freebie list, aka a list of the hottest celebrities who we think would be amazing in bed that you'd be allowed to have sex with…assuming you had the chance.

10. Jon Hamm

Judging from what we've seen on TV he would be amazing in bed. If he's anything like he was in Bridesmaids in real life, we would even take a lap nap if he wanted.

9. Leo DiCaprio

If you're seriously pursuing this one, we recommend sitting front row at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. He only dates models, so if you can get him in bed, we wish you all the best. There's also something about him being a really amazing actor that tells us he might dabble in role-play.

8. Ian Somerhalder

His face is so perfect he's almost too good looking. God must have like, actually, spent a little more time on him.

7. Ed Westwick

Every betch has a Chuck Bass fantasy and should be allowed to live that out. Try not to comment on the scar from the time he got stabbed in Prague, he's really sensitive about it. 

6. Bradley Cooper

Can I just have sex with his eyes? Please? 

5. Mark Wahlberg

Sure he might bring his stuffed bear and Boston accent along for the ride, but something about the nickname Marky Mark tells us he'd be really good in bed. Well that and notoriously large penis. 

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

This bro's smile, eyes, and body will make you forget about your boyfriend/husband in 10-15 seconds. Maybe even 5 seconds if you really hate Taylor Swift.

3. Brad Pitt

Even though he kind of looks like David Spade now, he's still Brad Pitt. We only hope his facial hair is in check when we meet him.

2. David Beckham

A soccer playing underwear model is pretty much your ideal specimen. We'd even refer to soccer as football if he insisted/whispered it into our ear with his British accent.

1. Ryan Gosling

Ugh, he's the KING of sexy. We just assume he's number 1 on every betch's list. Bonus points if you can get him to say you're a bird. Extra bonus points if you can get him to say he's a bird.

Honorable Mentions: Daniel Craig and Johnny Depp

 It's a taste thing: they're kind of old and I'm not that attracted to pirates. 


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