Forever 21 Is Doing A Clothing Line With Taco Bell, & It’s The Ugliest Effing Clothing We’ve Ever Seen

Photo courtesy of Matt Prince, Taco Bell

We finally know what Karen Smith did after graduating from North Shore, because Taco Bell and Forever 21 are collaborating on a clothing line. Seriously, what other individual could have come up with that terrible idea? That’s not a rhetorical question, BTW. I want names. Who has ever once been drunk eating a Crunchwrap Supreme and thought to themselves, “This is really great but you know what I really need? To proudly wear this on an item of clothing.” Right, none of us. Just like I thought. Also, let’s not pretend that half of Forever 21’s shit isn’t already cute sweatshirts that they ruin by putting “I HEART TACOS” on the back. Who needs this? 

The clothing line (loose term) will unfortunately not just be a see-through bodycon dress with hot sauce stains on it, which is the closest Taco Bell and Forever 21 should ever come to a collaboration. On October 11, misguided youths can start buying shirts, cropped hoodies, body suits, and sweatshirts with Taco Bell designs on them. So start preparing yourself to see a shit ton of biddies dressed up in fire sauce body suits, because this is really happening.

On the plus side, it does make for an easy Halloween costume, I guess? On the minus side, literally everything else about this idea.

We only know about two particular items created from this unholy matrimony: “a bodysuit inspired by a Fire Sauce Packet” and “a millennial pink sweater embellished with a taco, burrito, drink and hot sauce patch.” First of all, if anybody has ever been “inspired” by a packet of hot sauce that is so cheap to make Taco Bell gives them away for free, I will never use that word again. Also, RIP to millennial pink because it’s dead to me now. That’s the fugliest effing sweater I’ve ever seen.

So thanks to Taco Bell x Forever 21 for creating a product line that only Karen Smith could have dreamed up after stuffing her entire fist in her mouth.

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