Five Reasons Betches Love Shopfeed

What is Shopfeed? It's a new app that works in hot pink and makes shopping as easy as a double tap. Yeah, a double tap.

1. It's only lists.

Betches love lists.

2. You pick who you follow

So you can focus on important stuff, like Aria's questionable fashion choices, not Harper Lee's new novel, or whatever.

3. You can shop hashtags.

Yes, shoppable hashtags – meaning that life once again has meaning, since you can shop #betches and #kimye with one click.

4.  Like it? Double tap it.

We love when life is as easy as a double-tap-that.

5.  You can tag people.

When you see something you know another betch in your life will love, you can tag them immediately. It's like texting them, except way less time and effort, so duh.


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