Five Fashion Resolutions For A More Stylish 2019

Okay, so we’re 10 days into 2019, and I know you already have your health, relationship, and career goals all set for the year (and realistically, have probably already broken all of them.) But, I bet you haven’t set (or broken) any fashion-specific resolutions for 2019 yet. Fashion resolutions aren’t just good for your closet, they’re good for your entire well-being as a person just trying to exist in 2019. For example, it will totally benefit your financial and mental health to buy a trendy fannypack from Zara for $50 rather than a $600 logo one from Gucci. And like, not only does that save you finance-induced mental stress, but like, with all that money saved you could even treat yourself to a Groupon massage or something.

1. Don’t Buy Shoes You Can’t Walk In

You need to stop wasting your money on shoes you’re never going to wear. I don’t care how pretty they are, if you’re never going to actually wear them, DON’T BUY THEM. And don’t you dare try to tell me how good they’ll look in your closet. Unless you’re like, Lisa Vanderpump and your closet is a legit museum, you don’t need “pretty shoes” for your two-feet-wide apartment closet. 

2. Don’t Waste Your Money On Trendy Designer Pieces

Another area where you need to stop wasting your precious money is buying trendy designer pieces. Look, I’m not saying you have to refrain from buying designer pieces entirely, just avoid “trendy” ones. For example, refrain from buying the Balenciaga “dad sneaker” and instead, use that money for a classic and timeless pair of YSL boots. Both purchases will bring you the dopamine rush you crave that comes from buying something new and fancy, but one will leave you disgusted with yourself a year from now when it’s practically worthless.

3. Invest In Transition Day-To-Night Pieces

For 2019, focus on buying more pieces that can appropriately transition from day to night. Look, if you’re not in college anymore, then there’s really no reason for having thotty bodycon American Apparel dresses in your closet that are reserved specifically for “going out.” Instead, try to purchase pieces that don’t need to be placed in a designated “going out” drawer. For example, get yourself a cute embellished tank that would look great under a blazer for work, or with leather pants for the weekend. Not to make assumptions, but I don’t think you could really make the bodycon dress work for the office, even under a blazer.

4. Embrace Your Body As It Is Right Now

We all have pieces in our closet that we’re saving for when we’re five pounds lighter, or for when our arms are officially “skinny enough” to see the light of day. But for 2019, let’s agree to stop torturing ourselves with these self-inflicted rules! Buy things now, to wear them now because, chances are, by the time you eventually get to your version of “good enough” you’ll be so over that piece anyways. You’re going to want to go treat yourself to something new, which is totally fair.

5. Eliminate The “Chair” Pile

Everyone has the infamous “chair” in their room where half-worn or tried-on-but-didn’t-wear clothes go to die. Basically, this pile becomes so big with half-worn stuff that your closet and dressers are practically empty. Instead, we need to get in the habit of putting away our sh*t before it piles up. Just because you wore the jeans for a few hours doesn’t mean that they can’t go back in your drawer with your other clean jeans. Like, just because you put them in your drawer doesn’t mean you’re going to instantly forget that they’re not 100% clean. You’re not 80 years old with dementia and, if you are, and are somehow reading this, please comment below. I have a lot more questions for you. 

Fashion resolutions may seem trivial to non-shopaholics, but trust me, they’ll be beneficial to each and every one of us. Honestly, just getting that atrocious American Apparel bodycon out of your closet is enough reason to embrace these resolutions.

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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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