The Betchiest Features Of iOS9

Because you’re reading this website, we’re assuming you all have iPhones. Some of you may have already upgraded to iOS9, but if you’re wondering whether it’s worth having to delete some photos, here’s a rundown of the most important updates:

A New Font

The font change is minor, but do you really want people looking at your phone and seeing that you have the old font? That’s basically technological social suicide, so proceed at your own risk.

Apple Pay

Now you can access Apple Pay from the lock screen by double-clicking the home button. This is very important because you never want to be that person who takes an extra ten seconds to pay at Whole Foods.

Better Siri

Apple tells us Siri is better than ever, so like I guess they’re not lying? Siri is also colorful now, if you’re into that.

Low-Battery Mode

This is v important. If your phone is usually dying by 5PM, there’s a new mode where it only lets your background apps do certain things in order to save battery. Don’t let your phone die while you’re alone in an Uber with an SAB.

Pretty Notes

Apple finally lets you make fancy notes with pictures, links, and more formatting. This is marginally important but nice.

Better Maps

If you ever take the Subway (idk maybe you do), the Maps app now includes transit maps and schedules. Thanks Apple. 


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