Fear of Spider Causes Woman To Get out of Her Fuckng Moving Car

A woman living in a flyover state lost all of her shit when she saw a spider on her shoulder. Minus the flyover state part, that is literally me about 5 times a day. ​Unless you're some home schooled jungle freak, then you definitely fucking hate bugs, so don't pretend like you don't sympathize. Granted, things got out of hand pretty quickly.

This mom physically got out of her car while it was in drive to get away from the spider. I'm not a car expert, but I'm pretty sure that's a terrible idea. Despite her 9-year old child's attempts to stop the car – he pulled a Cher Horowitz and got the break and the gas pedal confused – the car hit a school bus. What, he like totally paused.



The good news is nobody got hurt. The bad news is that woman was allowed to procreate. Seriously, if you're acting like Lindsay Lohan circa 2011, then you probably shouldn't be responsible for a child.


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