Father’s Day Gift Guide: What To Get The Man Who Has It All (You)

Hooray! Yes, summer is in full effect. But bad news, betches, you forgot about Father’s Day. Again. Thankfully the man who you tell your mom to say “hello” to whenever you’re on the phone with her can still get the presents he deserves. (Assuming you have the extra 10 bucks for two-day shipping.) While typically you’re using your dad’s credit card to buy presents for yourself, we’re going to try it the other way around today. We have rounded up what you should buy, no matter what type of dad you have. And you can trust us, we’ve had all kinds—it takes a betch to raise one.

The Cool Dad

Besides being gorgeous, you and your dad share one big thing in common: a love for alcohol. Without your dad you never would have been flip cup champion, or impressed that bro by knowing the difference between a lager and an ale. Get your dad a flask so he can get buzzed on his barrel-aged whiskey at your little brother’s baseball game. A growler so while other dads are picking up 32 packs of Bud Light, yours can indulge in the latest craft beer selection. Your dad works hard everyday doing something with numbers and business stuff, he deserves it.

Top left to right: Personalized Beer Craft Growler  // Ray Ban Polorazied Glasses  //  Mulholland Captive Top Flask 

Bottom left to right: Dad You’re Way Cooler Than Mom Pillow // J. Crew Leather Flask // Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener  

The Sporty Dad

This is for the man who’s been defying the dad bod since 1989. He’s managed to stay in great shape without doing like any crash diets or trying out several different new workouts a month (What’s his secret?). So instead of signing him up for CrossFit, get your dad something useful he’ll actually use. Simple running shoes from a trendy, but classic brand, a FitBit so he can constantly tell your mom to text you about how many steps he’s taken, and a spa kit because while he is a dad he’s also a human.

Top left to right: Fitbit Charge // J.Crew NY classic hat // Vans Slip On // New Balance Sneakers 

Bottom left to right: J.Crew LA classic hat // Molton Brown after gym shower gels

Nerdy Dad

Your dad is proof that nature is more important than nurture. Your dad’s idea of a big party is Apple’s development conference, and whenever he’s says “fine chick” you know he’s just rambling about a yellow warbler bird again. For Father’s Day, get him something else that he can talk about endlessly while you browse on your phone. He can catch up on all of his nature documentaries with a ChromeCast, or try a nice camera for him so the next time he gets together with his buddies to compare tide pool pictures, your pops can come out on top.

Left to right: Tumi Prism leather iPad case // Nikon D3200 Camera // Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media palyer 

Grillin’ Dad

Even though you’re going to be a vegan now that Beyonce told you to, your dad still hates salad about as much as he loves meat. Get your dad the next best thing after replacing his arm with a spatula, like a knife set or this chic chef’s apron. With gifts like these maybe one day he’ll love you as much as his grill, or his new wife.

Left to right: Serial Griller chef apron // 5 in 1 BBQ Multitool // Stainless steel knife set 

Best Dressed Dad 

No one’s cooler than your dad—he’s related to you, duh. But even you had to learn from someone and no one knows how to put together an outfit quite like your dad. He taught you how important it is to spend however much it takes to look your most stylish, so the least you can do is repay him by adding something to his wardrobe. No dad has ever gone wrong with a crisp polo, and a weekender bag means that what’s on the outside will be just as great-looking as what’s on the inside. And we all know how important that is.

Top left to right: Lacoste pique polo // Nordstrom exclusive style tie box

Bottom left to right: GQ Selection Mondaine Stainless steel watch // Tom Ford cologne // Herschel Supply Co. Weekender Duffle bag


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