We’ve Taken On the Role Of Fashion Police For French Montana’s Birthday Party

This weekend was French Montana's birthday party and the Kardashian Klan showed up in full force dressed in full black outfits to mourn the formal loss of Lamar Odom and Khloe's marriage. In lieu of Joan River's (rip) needed critique of these ensembles, we've stepped in to fill the void.

Khloe: tbt to when she was the fat sister. She looks like a sluttier version of a Greek goddess – not a bad thing. But she stole the hip slit look from Kendall. Who wore it better?

Kylie: Just a quick reminder that homegirl is 17. Her contouring is out of fucking control. There are drag queens who would say her make up is too much. She's also rocking Ariana Grande's signature hair a whole lot better than A ever has.

Kim: Since when did Kim become the most conservative member of the family?? Maybe she had just come from a parent-teacher conference. Seriously though, this is the Kardashian version of full nun habit. Thanks for making the caption “sisters”, we wouldn't have known otherwise.




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