Farrah Abraham Wants To Be a Plastic Surgeon

Teen mom-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham won't fucking go away and in her latest ridiculous stunt she decided she wants to be a plastic surgeon. You're probably wondering, “is she a doctor?” Nope! Farrah has never even talked about going to medical school, but she'll be doing an “apprenticeship” with a surgeon this summer to get a closer look at the practice. Sorry Farrah, but your biggest accomplishment in life was getting paid a shitload of money to be in a porno where you let a guy fuck you in the ass for no good reason. Farrah says she thinks her life experiences will help her in the medical field, by which I assume she's referring to her absurd pair of fake boobs. Let's just hope for a reality show called “Farrah Abraham, Backdoor Teen Mom, M.D.”




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