Farrah Abraham Got Horrible Lip Implants

It seems as if The Bachelor forgot about one incredibly eligible young woman this season. Teen pregnancy? Check. Porn “career?” Check. Terrifying lip implants? Sigh, check. Seriously could teen mom Farrah Abrahams BE anymore white trash? Although this is hilarious, it’s also kind of sad because this is really her life and like she has to wake up looking like the girl from Futurama every day…but mostly it’s just hilarious. Shout out to Farrah for so selflessly pioneering plastic surgery and getting lip implants, not injections, IMPLANTS. Honestly, she probably brought in a screenshot of Kylie Jenner to some back alley doctor and he said “It’s fo free” and she said “Sure.” On the bright side she can add “DSLs” to the stunning resume she’s building for herself. 




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