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These Are The Best Fall Nails Colors For Your Next Mani

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Fall’s arrival isn’t just about cozy Rory Gilmore sweaters, pumpkin-spiced treats, and crisp air; it’s also about embracing a rich, new color palette–especially when it comes to your nails. This season, it’s out with the summer pastels and in with warm, earthy tones. Ahead, you’ll find the five must-have nail colors to rock this fall, ensuring your manicure game remains as vibrant (and ~chic~) as the autumn foliage.

1. Deep Burgundy: Call this color our favorite, mostly because it reminds us of a giant glass of sumptuous red wine. Burgundy nails are the epitome of fall luxury. It’s a color that’s bold enough to make a statement yet versatile enough to pair with your entire autumn wardrobe. Our Top Pick: OPI’s ‘Malaga Wine’–a shade that’s been beloved for years and encapsulates the richness of the season beautifully.

OPI Nail Polish Infinite Shine Long-Wear Lacquer

2. Burnished Gold: Who says metallics are only for summer (or your office holiday party)? This fall, it’s all about gold, but with a twist. Think muted, antique gold that shines without being overly gaudy glitzy. It’s like the golden hour of autumn evenings on your fingertips. Essie’s ‘Good as Gold’ is a classic that fits the bill perfectly.

essie Nail Polish Glossy Shine Finish

3. Earthy Olive: Drawing inspiration from the olives in your vodka martini, this muted green hue is both calming and sophisticated. It complements the fall palette and brings a touch of nature to your nails. Zoya’s ‘Ireland’ strikes that ideal balance between vibrant and muted, capturing the essence of autumn.

ZOYA Nail Polish

4. Smoky Gray: Say goodbye to the bright blues of summer and hello to the smoky grays of fall. This hue exudes a cool, minimalist vibe, making it a chic alternative to the blacks and navies we often lean towards in colder months. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gray, China Glaze’s ‘Recycle’ offers a smooth, opaque finish that’s bound to turn heads.

China Glaze Nail Polish

5. Rich Caramel: Last but definitely not least, a shade that’s as sweet and comforting as a caramel latte. This warm, creamy hue serves as a neutral base that goes with virtually any outfit, yet it’s different enough from the standard beige to make a noticeable impact. For a flawless caramel manicure, try Londontown’s ‘Bee’s Knees’.

LONDONTOWN Nail Polish Lakur

Remember, while the color is paramount, maintaining nail health is crucial. Ensure you prep your nails with a good base coat and seal in the color with a sturdy topcoat. The changing weather can be harsh on your nails, so consider investing in cuticle oils or creams to keep them nourished.

While the cooling temperatures might make you want to hide your hands in pockets or mittens, these fall nail colors are a compelling reason to flaunt them instead. Autumn is a season of transformation, so why not let that change reflect on your nails too? Whether you’re a DIY manicure enthusiast or love your salon visits, these shades are bound to elevate your nail game. So, go ahead, pick your favorite (or favorites) and embrace the hues of the season.

Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie