Our Fall Music Favorites

Following in the steps of every painfully white girl before me, I am going to decree Fall the best season ever. Sure there are the usual reasons: sweaters, boots, the return of the PSL, endless Instagram material, etc. We've all seen tumblr, I don't think I need to continue. 

But one of the greatest things about Fall, and one that frequently goes unnoticed while we're all busy shoving pumpkin into every orifice of our bodies, is the music. Those spontaneous (and wholly out of character) jaunts through nature to look at the leaves/take faux-candids of you looking at leaves would be nothing without a bomb soundtrack.

Traditionally, Fall sees some of the best releases of the year, this year being no exception. We've barely even left summer and there are already a handful of new albums that deserve recognition and prime real estate in your Sweater Weather playlist. While there's undoubtedly more great stuff to come (*cough* One Direction's last album *cough*),  here are a few tracks to get you started.

Alessia Cara – Four Pink Walls



You probably know who Alessia is after Here, her debut single about hating life at a party full of drunken idiots, hit the radio. While we find it super hard to relate to not enjoying ourselves in a room full of our blacked out friends, the song is still great.

Four Pink Walls, Alessia's EP that dropped at the end of August, is more of the same chill and soulful sound that Here introduced us to. She's Lorde meets R&B, a combo I can absolutely get behind.

Favorite song: I'm Yours

Troye Sivan – Wild


I ignored Troye Sivan for as long as humanly possible mostly because I don't understand YouTubers (Why are you famous? Why didn't I invest inhumane amounts of time into YouTube in 2008? A post for another day). But this tiny Australian angel finally weaseled his way into my “Recommended for You” playlist on Spotify, and consequently my heart. If you’ve heard him sing, you’ll know why.

Last week Troye released his latest EP, Wild, and my only complaint is that it's only six songs long. His unique brand of electric instrumental pop is perfect for almost any occasion. Pregaming? Studying? Lounging in bed hungover? Troye's melodic voice will guide you through it all. The EP as a whole was impressive enough to merit an all caps tweet AND Instagram from Taylor Swift, no small feat for an up and coming artist.

Favorite song: Fools

Halsey – Badlands

In case you missed this, subtle name drop, or this not so subtle time I straight up told you, I'll say it one more time: Halsey is fucking amazing. That's not even my opinion; it's just an objective truth.

Her album, Badlands, has the #3 album debut of 2015 and the #2 Billboard Top 200 debut. It's currently the #1 alternative album in America and #7 overall. I could keep throwing statistics at you but it would waste time you could better spend listening to it. Go. Now.

Favorite song: Control. Colors. Hurricane. Drive. All of them. Why are you still reading this? GO.


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