Facebook Is Launching A Secret Sexting Feature 3 Years Too Late

Remember a few years ago when Facebook tried to buy Snapchat and Snapchat was like, “lol flattered, but it’s a no from me”? Facebook is becoming more and more like the fictional Hooli company from Silicon Valley, because they’ve just announced they’re planning to launch a secret conversation feature within Messenger. Hm, sounds familiar, right?

So basically, messages you send in Facebook will disappear after a set amount of time. Cool, so like every other messenger app already has? Literally all of the apps like WeChat, Line, and Snapchat already have this feature. The only difference is Facebook has like, all of our info and we’re probs def going to use it when it comes out, because what choice do we have?

Facebook is like your boss trying so hard to be cool, but even though you’re like “nope” you still have to pretend it’s cool because she (or he—men can be bosses, too) is your boss. If Facebook is making changes to its messenger app, maybe they can start by letting you delete old messages individually. Have you ever opened up a message to someone you haven’t spoken to since high school and seen your old conversation pop up at you? It’s always something that makes you want to cringe, because nobody ever likes how they talked in high school, especially not when it’s memorialized in text forever. Ugh, why did you ever have that much enthusiasm?

The other thing we learned from this press release about Facebook’s new secret convo feature was that you can order an Uber in the Messenger app. Lol. Did you know you can also order an Uber in the Uber app? Whoa. Nice try, Facebook.


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