If a Guy Facebook Chats Me Does That Mean He’s Interested? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

I truly believe that if a bro wants to be with you/talk to you/fuck you then he'll be the one to text you first.

So then this is where my problem begins. There's this SAB I was hooking up with for a little while about 6 months ago, but after awhile it ended.. no hard feelings or anything it just was done. But that's not the last that I would hear from said guy. He still Facebook chats me (never texts) like almost everyday, sometimes asking about the homework for a class we're both in, but sometimes just saying hey or sending funny YouTube vids. He's only asked me to hang out once during this time but I already had other plans.

Does this bro actually want anything or is he just bored and looking to not do work?


Homework Buddy?

Dear Homework Buddy,

Your instincts are right in that this bro is just looking to not do work. Facebook chat is literally the lowest form of communication and you should avoid speaking to any guys on it for that reason alone. It literally requires zero effort and just shows a guy is simply bored and perusing the list of every person he's ever known since high school to see what's up and if anyone's DTF. It's literally the only thing easier than sending a mass sext. 

The best way to deal with this type of outreach is to simply ignore. It's that easy. The thing about guys who are unwilling to commit to you is that they're just as often unwilling to commit to NOT being with you so they send out feelers to maintain interest in case they should one day decide they've changed their minds. You're better than that. 

Tell him to email the fucking teacher for a homework update. Do you look like a fucking TA? 

The Betches


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