Do You Need Face Oils Or Nah?

At first glance, slabbing oil on your face seems like something only seriously deranged people would consider doing. Like, lol, what kind of masochist tries to clog her own pores? Yet despite all the “oil free!” BS that was shoved down our throats during those formative teen years, oil (at least of the natural variety) is not thine enemy. In fact, face oils actually help your complexion regulate it’s own sebum production, so even if you’re prone to excessively oily skin and breakouts, you can and should use them. Also, let us not forget that face oils are super moisturizing and deliver some game changing benefits for dry skin as well. Total win for every betch.

If you have dry skin:


Nothing’s more ideal for dry, sensitive skin than pure Argan oil because it’s calming and quenches your skin’s thirst like nobody’s fucking business. There's a reason this one by Josie Marin is so popular (hint: it's the best).

If you have oily skin:

You'll need something that absorbs seamlessly and doesn't sit heavy on your complexion, because nothing is worse than a face that feels like its been dipped in lube. Tsubaki Beauty Oil by Boscia sinks into your skin quickly and feels light. Plus it smells BOMB.

If you have combo skin:

This blended beauty oil by rms is perf for you. It's a mix of jojoba oil, which is super moisturizing, and turmeric, an ingredient that helps with break outs.

If you want to be wrinkleless:

Marula oil = the fountain of youth. The pure stuff is on the pricier end, but trust that it's so worth it. Plus you only need a little at a time so it will last you a while. Love this one by John Paul Selects because it's fair trade and comes in a gorge bottle.

If you want a multi-use product:

Since oil attracts oil (ew, remember science?) oil cleansers cut through sebum, makeup, and dirt, without stripping your skin. An oil like the Everything Oil by Crude works as a makeup remover and cleanser, but also as a moisturizer, so it’s great for when you're traveling or just being lazy AF.


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