Extreme Fan Wants His 29 Miley Tattoos Removed

We know people make some pretty fucking horrible decisions when it comes to getting inked, but maybe not more than this one British man who says he's now, like, kinda sad about getting 29 Miley Cyrus-themed tattoos.

I love Bangerz as much as the next betch, but definitely not enough to get the actual word “Bangerz” tattooed across my back in the worst way possible.

So not only does the guy, Carl McCold (like of course his name is Carl), have Miley's name and lyrics and shit all over his body, he also has a few portraits of the singer. They're absolutely horrifying. TBH, any more than zero is too many Miley Cyrus tattoos.

Just some background on this guy: he's not like some young kid. This man is 42 years old and a full adult. Apparently he owns an “ironing business” which sounds made up, but whatever. Oh, and to take it one step further, he named his kid Miley.

Miley has said like a million times she thinks it's super weird this guy is so obsessed with her and then blocked him on Twitter. I guess that's a pretty offensive thing to say about someone who has dedicated their body to being a weird shrine to you. Tough break.

Carl says he wants to have the tattoos removed now so that he can get a girlfriend. Good luck, Carl.