What's The Deal With Those Revolve Trips Influencers Go On?

If you simply have an Instagram account, chances are you’ve seen pics from one of Revolve’s iconic influencer getaways. These exclusive trips, only for a select group of top influencers, are luxurious af and insanely glamorous. These trips are all hosted in exotic locations that have effortlessly gram-worthy aesthetics. Not to mention, the influencers on these trips get gifted amazing clothes and are even paid to attend the trip. Like, HOW is that real life?!?!? I mean, f*ck a 9-to-5! Nothing makes me hate my life more than knowing there are girls out there being paid to go on vacation, dress up in trendy clothes, and take fabulous Instagram pics. Like, fingers crossed I come back in my second life as a Revolve influencer. Being that this all sounds like an actual ~dream job~, I’ve done some investigating into exactly what these trips entail. Here’s what I found out about Revolve getaways.

Who Goes?

Short answer: the “it” girls of the moment. The guests at Revolve getaways range from fashion bloggers, like Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat, to former Bachelor contestants, like Amanda Stanton. Basically, you need be stylish and have a celebrity-level following to even be considered as a potential candidate. From my observations, it seems that Revolve usually takes about 12 influencers with them per trip. (But somehow it seems like every person on Earth is going but me. Doesn’t add up.)

Where Are They?

The location of these Revolve getaways is constantly changing. Essentially, the trips are always going to be hosted somewhere with an aesthetically pleasing scenery, aka places that have the perfect background for a fire Instagram. Some past destinations include: Thailand, Hamptons, Ibiza, Croatia, and Bermuda.

What Do Influencers Actually Do On These Trips?

Well, mainly just look hot and take pictures. Upon arrival, influencers are given itineraries that include several dinners and outings that they’re expected to attend. Some of these events may even be brand specific. Meaning, they’re trying to build content to promote a specific brand at that moment, so they ask the influencers to dress in that brand specifically. Beyond the extravagant dinners and activities, some of the trips also include parties and concerts. Which, as expected, always include an “of the moment” performer.

Why Does Revolve Do These Trips?

Because it gets them TONS of publicity and therefore makes them A LOT of money. In October of 2017, WWD reported that “over 70% of overall sales at Revolve were driven by an influencer.” And, as lavish as these trips are, they’re still cheaper than the more traditional media advertising options. But, even so, these trips have proven to have an even greater return on investment for Revolve’s target audience.

Do People Who Go On Revolve Getaways Get Free Clothes?

Oh, yeah. According to “a source close to the talent”, the influencers on these trips are usually allotted a $2,000 clothing credit. Seriously? It’s time I re-examine my life choices up to this point, because clearly being an influencer is the job to have.

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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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