Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Cindy Crawford’s Untouched Marie Claire Photo

Cindy Crawford is a bombshell. She was the highest paid model on the planet in the 1990’s and now she’s a MILF. Go Cindy. Last week, untouched photos from a 2013 issue of Marie Claire were released. Most people are freaking out like #THIS. #RealBeauty. #TakeABow. Nobody’s even body shaming this woman, stop freaking out. We know she’s hot and in her forties and a mother of two. Who is holding her to an impossible standard here? Not us. Clearly all these people coming out of the woodwork to support her cringed when they saw the photo and then felt uncomfortable and decided to throw it a RT.



Anyone with a brain knows this photo is just an example of a moron in charge of lighting. Lighting is everything and Cindy looks fine, so everyone can calm down. If we’re being honest the true crime here is the Brokeback hat and Black Beauty coat.


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