Every Day Is TBT With A Half-Pony

Do we thank Arianna Grande for the resurgence of the half-pony?

For a while I totally thought Arianna Grande looked like a baby deer with a wig, but after seeing the Insta pics she posted in that weird wig with bangs, I kinda grew to appreciate her signature style.

Whoever is responsible, let’s be honest, we owe them a lot for making this childhood hair staple popular again. Sure, it’s the modern, fashionable version of a mullet, but on a hot summer day when your frizz is out of control, having the ability to pull your hair out of your face and not look like a softball player is super important.

It’s a bit fancier than a ponytail, so wearing one at work might not make your co-workers think you went another day without showering.  

As a kid, a half-pony was part of the weekly rotation. Remember how in elementary school you couldn’t wear your hair the same way every day? I think most of us have changed our policy on that, but it’s still nice to have the option to pull your hair up on a day when your bangs just look like total shit.

The half pony style is even expanding. Instead of using a scrunchie as a half-pony accessory, betches are now doing half-pony buns, braids, adding crazy amounts of volume for a 60’s look, or just using it as a way to hide split ends between salon visits. The world is your half-pony oyster.


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