Every Betch’s End of Summer Bucket List

I honestly tried really hard to think of more ideas that didn't involve being blackout outside, yet I didn't want to do too much work because, vacation. And let's be honest, those are the two best parts of summer anyway.

– Day drink in as many places as possible. OK so you’ve covered the beach, a boat, and your backyard, but now it’s time to really branch out your day-drinking locations. How many parks have you been wasted in? Can you up that number? Any outdoor location can become a watering hole if you believe.

Go to a baseball game. Not to actually watch the game, duh, everyone knows betches are too ADD for that. But again, day drinking, and people watching. Seriously, the prime place to people watch (and subsequently talk shit about said people) is at a baseball game. Also you can check out the players. Jeter’s not the only hot one, I can guarantee that. Is he still there? Whatevs, goes to show you how much baseball I watch at baseball games.

– Pretend to drink a fuckton of summer-y beers. Leinenkugel summer shandy, Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, basically anything light and fruity that you can’t get year-round. This is the one time of year you can drink Blue Moon without looking basic. So drink up, betches.

– Go on vacation. Because doing nothing gets stressful, and sometimes you need a vacation from it. 

– Lay out for too long. This might result in accidental sunburn but in a few days it’ll turn into intentional tan.

– Go to an outdoor concert. Because soon the only place it will be socially acceptable for you to be fucked up while listening to music will be your pregame.


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