Even Gigi Hadid Can’t Save Calvin Harris’ New Song

Calvin Harris released a new song “How Deep is Your Love,” which is nowhere near as good as “Summer.” It's definitely going to be overused in movie trailers for the next three years, but other than that it has as much of a future as the cast of Honey Boo Boo.

During one of their weirdly staged double dates, Taylor Swift asked Gigi Hadid to take time out of her busy schedule of choosing which photos to Instagram and star in the music video. Because if a famous model can't save your song, nothing can.

The video starts by being a better version of that scene in Twilight when Bella becomes a vampire. Naturally, the first thing Gigi does after waking up is go to a rager, then a CGI yacht, then a retirement home pool, so a casual Tuesday for Lindsay Lohan.

At least it has a built in drinking game: drink everytime Gigi runs her hands through her perfect blow out.




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