Esurance is Helping Lindsay Lohan Get Out of Community Service

In case you didn’t hear, Lindsay Lohan is about to be in deep shit for not completing her court-ordered community service. She’s trying to get credit for spending time with fans after her play in London and for letting kids follow her around all day, which tbh sound like pretty lame excuses for community service.  I’m not into manual labor either, but at least come up with something more convincing than letting some poor kids run errands with you. 

But now, just days before a judge decides if she actually did the community service, she’s gotten Esurance (whom she did a Super Bowl commercial for), to donate $10,000 to the organization she was supposed to be helping. Obviously the donation is a good thing, but people are worried that LiLo is basically buying her service hours. That’s def not right or whatever, but hey, were we really expecting Lindsay to save the world?



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