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An Hour-By-Hour Breakdown Of How This $5 Amazon-Famous Mascara Held Up

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If you didn’t already know this about me, I’m chronically influenced by things on the internet — especially anything related to beauty/skin care/makeup (I always have been, and always will be the makeup girlie in the group chat). Please don’t get me started on the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter and subsequent dupes.

That said, I have bills to pay so I’m not going to buy everything that TikTok Tells me to if I already own something like it or have a product I already love and trust—IDC what the internet says, I’ll never give up my NARS Laguna Bronzer. But, I made an exception when I came across a viral video reviewing the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. Sure, the entirety of the internet has trust issues from mascara-gate (IYKYK) but when I looked it up on Amazon and saw over 300K reviews of the product, I kind of felt like it was my duty to try it.

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

TBH, I wasn’t expecting much from this mascara considering the price tag is literally $5 (not even most drugstore mascara is that cheap). I also have two favorite mascaras that I’ve been using since 6th grade when mom finally let me graduate from Clear Great Lash to something with pigment — L’Oreal Telescopic (for definition) and Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions (for length and volume). So, what came next was honestly a nice surprise — here’s a rundown of my first day wearing the mascara.

8:00AM – The mascara comes in one of those annoying-AF plastic wrappings that’s essentially airtight, and the perforation they add to it to make it “easier” to remove is complete BS. Only silver lining is that I know the mascara hasn’t been opened before, which I guess is a good/hygienic thing.

The screw-off wand also has a delightful rubbery grip to it that brings back all the nostalgia feels of a pencil grips in middle school (bonus points).

I opened it and immediately felt skeptical about the shape of the brush—sure, you can see it in the images of the actual mascara on Amazon, but what you don’t see is the way the product clings to it. To me, it was an immediate concern because I was afraid of clumpiness. A big no-no, especially if you have shitty short eyelashes (me, I have shitty eye lashes).

After curling my lashes (Pro-tip: heat your curler with a hairdryer for a longer-lasting curl, but not like, too hot because you don’t want to burn your fucking eye), I swiped on my first layer and it looked surprisingly natural. I had to tell my inner dialogue to calm TF down because it was just the first swipe. Second swipe went even better, btw. Do I think it looks like falsies? No. But, I was excited by the fact that I might save $10 on mascara each month— this could easily become my ~everyday~ mascara.

11:00AM — Started lightly crying after a work meeting because, well, who doesn’t? Therapy has made me way too in-touch with my feelings, but I digress. Was happy to see that even though the mascara was definitely wet, it didn’t run down my face leaving me looking like deranged Taylor Swift.

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2:00PM – In a moment desperate for caffeine, I yawned and rubbed my eyes like an idiot who forgot they were wearing mascara. I ran to the bathroom knowing that this would be the moment the mascara totally failed me—but, it didn’t. I had a little mascara on the hand that I had touched my eye with, but it definitely wasn’t the car wreck I was expecting it to be.

5:00PM – Still no flaking!!!

7:00PM – I evaluated my eyes (see the *cringe* selfie below) in the mirror and decided that this shit is worth the $5 I spent on it. Not only was there little to no fallout, but it hadn’t smeared below my eye or on my eyelid which happens embarrassingly often when you have oily skin. Sure, my lashes had definitely fallen since I put the mascara on this morning but I wasn’t expecting a miracle.


And almost as equally important to me in a mascara is the ability to remove it. I refuse to rock the raccoon eyes I allowed myself to in my teens. I also will not be washing my face more than once in the evening — my skincare routine is already enough of a time suck. And let me tell you, this stuff cam right off. No harsh scrubbing or the need for a second round of face wash.

To answer the question you came here for: Yes, this mascara is 100% worth the hype. Knowing that it doesn’t flake, transfer, or linger longer than I wanted it to easily makes for a great formula, in my opinion. I would love if they offered different brush options in the future but hey, for $5 this shit is officially a permanent fixture in my makeup bag.

Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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