Uh Oh, Trouble In Paradise For Erin Andrews?

Andrews' boyfriend, Jarret Stoll, was arrested in Las Vegas on Friday for cocaine and ecstasy possession. And Stoll is a professional hockey player, so he could be kissing both his girlfriend and career goodbye,

Stoll has played the last seven seasons in the NHL for the Los Angeles Kings. Whether he developed the penchant for nose candy in L.A., or was simply trying to celebrate the end of his NHL season, we'll let the betchy faithful decide.

Stoll was arrested at Wet Republic, MGM Grand's dayclub. The image of a 32-year-old hockey player cutting lines with betches in traingle bikinis is both hilarious and sad.

Anyways, no word on whether Erin was in attendance for said Vegas soiree.

She tweeted the following “date night” picture on Thursday:



But that may be her last date night for a while.


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