Enter To Win $500 Toward Your Bestie’s Bachelorette Weekend!

Betches, were you chosen as your bestie’s Maid of Honor and now you’re left doing all the not-so-fun parts, like actually planning? Kind of a drag. Luckily for procrastinating betches everywhere, thebach.com is helping take some of the weight off your shoulders by tackling one of the most important parts of a wedding: the bachelorette party. What, you thought I was going to say the vows?

What is The Bach, and how does it help you plan a bachelorette party? Is it a robot party planner? The answer to that last question is an obvious no. The Bach makes the planning fun and easy because it does all the hard work for you. You go onto the site, choose your location and the type of place you want to have the party (bar, restaurant, etc.) and it comes up with a list of pre-approved places you can choose from, and they’re categorized by fanciness and price, meaning you don’t have to bother Yelping places to make sure they’re fun or like, asking the group’s opinion. Because we all know what happens when you ask a group of girls to decide on something: absolutely nothing.

You can also create an itinerary, so if you want to bar/club hop you can set up a schedule so that nobody can throw a wrench in your plans by suggesting someplace lame. And finally, you can send everyone an invitation through the site so you don’t have to deal with a dreaded group text or going to a stationery store. Oh, and it’s available for more than 75 cities so you’re not SOL if you live somewhere other than NY or LA.

Think of The Bach as the bachelorette party version of Todd from your office who does all your work for you, except with The Bach there’s no fake flirting necessary.

But wait, there’s more. We’ve teamed up with The Bach to give one lucky winner $500. All you have to do is sign up for the site and you could win $500 to put toward your bachelorette party! That’s def enough money to console yourself over how hideous the bridesmaid dresses are. So what’re you waiting for betch?

Here are the three short steps to follow to win $500 toward the weekend.

1. Select the Registration Form on The Bach homepage. Click here.
2. Complete the short form in the entry box
3. Be sure to include Name, Email Address, Birthday, and the Contest Code: TheBachBetches

  • There will be one (1) winner
  • The Sponsor will collect submitted e-mail addresses from entrants.

CLICK HERE to read the full contest rules and guidelines. 


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