End the Fashion Epidemic of Floppy Belts: Introducing The Tuck

Here's a humanitarian campaign we can really get behind. It's for a product called The Tuck, and it's basically an extra attachable belt loop for the skinny betch who can't deal with all her excessive belt material. The Tuck is a little piece of extra leather that attaches to your belt and holds in the part that would otherwise protrude from your body like your very own belt boner.

Like here…gross.

Here…not gross.

In the words of this video….”One single flop makes your belt sloppy and unpresentable to society…like this girl, her outfit's great, but her belt looks like shit…so she looks like shit.” Help us stop this fashion plague by contributing on Kickstarter. But like really, because my belts never fit and I actually want one. 


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