You May Be Able To Buy An Emoji Keyboard Soon

It’s no secret that Betches love emojis. Just like our stance on leggings becoming assimilated into the world of ‘business casual,’ we can’t wait until the rest of corporate America catches up to us and allows the use of emojis in the work place. Well, it turns out we may not be too far off from one of those coming true.

Lucky for us a bunch of nerds, who obviously knew the way to a Betch’s heart is through strategically used emojis, created a silicon keyboard cover for Macs that lets people seamlessly integrate emojis into their everyday computer use.

So far 127 people have backed tech company Disk Cactus’s Kickstarter for their millennial AF invention. The product works by placing the cover on the keyboard and syncing your computer to the company’s software, then just toggling between letters (ew) and emojis by pressing the Caps Lock button. Even though their name is pretty unfortunate, we’ll support anything that encourages our chronic apathy towards the English language.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, there is never an inappropriate time to use emojis. Betches love to hide their emotions (that’s how we always win, duh) and emojis are the most convenient and enjoyable way to do so when it comes to the written word. You might think that your best friend’s dog dying is probably a good time to write out your deepest condolences, but that just means you’re not being creative enough. Obviously there is like eight sad face, two dogs, and a skull emoji at your disposal for that shit. Get your head in the game.

Yes, this technological “advancement” actually regresses us back to the Stone Age when Betches in loincloths would draw heart-eye faces on their caves, otherwise known as “hieroglyphics,” but whatevs. If the future isn’t about us becoming more entitled, lazy, and disengaged, then I don’t want any part of it.


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