Emmett Cullen Went To Prom With Some Rando

Kellan Lutz, the actor who played Emmett Cullen, went to prom with a girl who contacted him about being bullied in high school. This would be the ultimate “fuck you” to the bitchy girls going to prom with shitty fake tans and their douche-bag boyfriends if it was 2009. But it's been about 3 years since anybody associated Twilight with anything other than crippling disappointment, so it's just kind of weird.

This girl Brianna started Tweeting at Kellan because people were mean to her, probably because she was a high school senior still obsessed with Twilight. Her friends then started a social media campaign to get Kellan to go to prom with her. Obvi Kellan is still as hot as ever, but homeboy is 30 years old and still going to prom, which is oddly similar to a Forks, Washington townie. 

It's nice that Kellan could take a break from his busy schedule as a glorified body double to pose for prom pics with Brianna. But seriously, when is the next Hercules movie coming out? It's like the Magic Mike of action movies.





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