Ellie Goulding Deletes Photo Of Her And Katy Perry Out Of T-Swift Fear

Ellie Goulding posted a picture the other day of her and Lorde, two notorious Taylor Swift besties, hanging out with Katy Perry, notorious T.Swift enemy, and then quickly deleted it, realizing her grave mistake. Goulding literally just fucking starred in the giant “fuck you Katy Perry” song “Bad Blood” video with Taylor Swift and her gang.

For someone who looks like a fucking third grade teacher, Taylor Swift’s friends act like she is the Godfather or some shit. God forbid if Taylor found out that Ellie and Lorde (who wasn’t even in the “Bad Blood” video so is basically irrelevant) hung out with Katy Perry. What is she going to do? Beat you with a pair of her Keds?

It's honestly a little creepy how much they all are obsessed with her. Like seriously Gigi Hadid, how many fucking pictures did you post of you at the Taylor concert in Detroit? You were in Detroit for gods sake, it wasn't like you were having that much fun.

I’m sure the Swifties assembled in all their pre-teen glory and made death threats against Ellie including, but not limited to, the threat that they will strangle her using their Justice training bras.
Maybe Katy Perry was right when she tweeted about Taylor Swift a few months ago, maybe Taylor Swift is actually a Regina George… but doesn’t that mean we should like her more?


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