Ariel Winter And Elle Fanning Just Graduated From the Same High School

We all probably felt like we were a little bit famous in high school, but if you went to Campbell Hall School in Hollywood you would definitely have some stiff competition. This is where the Olsen twins and Troian Bellisario went to school, and this year’s class wasn’t too bad either. Young betches Ariel Winter (from Modern Family) and Elle Fanning both just graduated from the school, which is funny because they act like they’re 25.

Ariel made news a few years ago when she got legally emancipated from her parents, which is basically the world’s biggest drama queen move. She wore possibly the least appropriate high school graduation outfit ever, and posed with a cigar hanging out of her mouth. We get it, Ariel. You’re a fucking adult. She’s headed to UCLA in the fall because “you gotta have something else to do.” Smart move.

Elle, on the other hand, looked as put together as she has since she was, like, 7, and she left the ceremony with big sis Dakota in tow and looking very fake-thrilled.

No college plans for this one, who is markedly more famous than Ariel and probably shouldn’t be too worried about a backup plan.



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