The Elevator Selfie is Having a Major Moment

If Vogue says it, it must be true. And earlier this week they did a piece on how the “elevator selfie” is basically now the king of all selfies. This makes total sense, the 2 minutes you are in the elevator before a night out is for sure the best you are going to look that night. And also, has anyone else noticed that these pre-pregame snaps always miraculously have the most perfect lighting? And call me crazy, but I feel like every elevator has skinny mirrors installed.

Vogue also points out that the celeb world has figured out the magic of the elevator selfie too, because some of our favs have been insta-ing up a storm with glam elevator pics as of late.

But I have to ask, how much more Kardashian-esque could Kimye get, by sharing a “private moment in the elevator before heading out to meet the paparazzi” by kissing in the elevator in privacy, only to then immediately post that photo to insta for millions of followers to troll?


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