How To: Have A Betchy Labor Day Weekend

New York betches who didn’t plan a trip out of town for Labor Day weekend might be regretting that choice—between the heat, the ubiquitous smell of urine and the flying cockroaches, some of us might be scrambling to get out of this hellhole for the long weekend. Fortunately, we’ve got one good reason you should not blow all your savings on a last-minute flight. Two words: Electric Zoo.

Electric Zoo is obv an electronic music festival that, this year, takes place over Labor Day weekend. It’s September 2-4, which is perfect so you can beach/recover on Labor Day after three straight days of raging. It takes place on Randall’s Island which means one thing: NO CAMPING. No stuffy tents. No marinating for three days in your own sweat and dirt. HOORAY.

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We won’t explain why electronic music is betchy because it’s literally on The Betch List. Like, do you even go here?

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OK so let’s talk about the lineup. I’ll just name some of the people I’ve heard of. Nobody big, just some random people called BASSNECTAR. PORTER ROBINSON. TIESTO. THE CHAINSMOKERS. Also, surprise: Juicy J will also be performing, which is both amazing and incredibly random. Whatever, not mad about it.

If you’re like, a hipster or something (gross) and not excited by these “mainstream” names, Electric Zoo’s Electric Eight highlights 8 different artists you might not have heard about. You can check out last week’s here.

So, to recap: since you procrastinated on Labor Day plans, come party with Bassnectar, The Chainsmokers, Big Gigantic, and us (if we let you sit with us) at Electric Zoo. 3-day passes are $249 for a limited time, so get yours before they go up so you have more money to spend on shit like alcohol.

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