The Spice Girls, Election Day, And Everything Else Fit To Bitch About: Betch Weekly


Spice Girls song wannabe was named the catchiest song ever by a new study. It was conducted by the University of Amsterdam. I guess they had to take a break from manipulating drug studies to yield positive results.

$50 million raised by George Soro’s Open Society Foundations will be used to slash an incarceration rate in the United States that has tripled over the last 30 years. So is the money being wired to security guards and wardens to let out prisoners early or like, how is this gonna work? Where is this money going because my Neiman’s account is low…

A man called 911 to ask for a date this week. I thought Tinder was desperate but I guess he takes the cake as the thirstiest bro out there.





Republicans took over the senate. AKA literally nothing will get done now cause Obama is going to just say “bitch please” to every bill they try to pass before throwing it away.

Only 37% of people voted but 100% will complain.





After the Apple CEO announced he was gay Russia took down their memorial to Steve Jobs. Like okay Russia, first off no one gives a shit about your psych ass especially not anyone smart enough to work at Apple. Secondly, Steve Jobs’ turtleneck and New Balance tennis shoe uniform was much more offensive than a man being in love with another man.




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