Ed Sheeran Is Hiding His Tattoo Regret Pretty Well

On Tuesday Ed Sheeran posted an Instagram photo of his new tattoo, half completed. The design is a lion that covers his entire chest, honoring the mascot of England’s soccer team and his three sold out shows at Wembley Stadium. The tat sounded like a good idea last month when he told BBC of his plan, but there’s absolutely zero chance he still feels the same way. That being said, he’s hiding his overwhelming regret pretty well.

Ed manages to smile in his Instagram, despite captioning the photo “Halfway and ouch,” which is code for “Halfway and oh my god I’ve made a horrible, horrible mistake.” Is it too late to turn back? Definitely. Ed is just going to have to suck it up and pretend like this is exactly how he intended it to turn out.

By the looks of him, you can’t tell at all how pissed he is that the design is bigger than his head, when he specifically asked for sexy, but understated. Also, his disappointment in not being able to go to the beach after the age of 30 is barely detectable. Keep up the good work Ed, and you should also start burning all of your V-necks immediately.


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