Ebola Halloween Costumes, Global Warming, And Mexican Scandals: Betch Weekly


Three teenage girls from the suburbs in Denver tried to fly to Syria this week to join ISIS. I fell for a lot of embarrassing trends as a teenager, Von Dutch and Juicy Couture to name a couple but I would’ve never thought it was a good idea to fucking join ISIS.





Ebola Update:

Two guys in Las Vegas bought the rights to Ebola.com right as the disease started to spread and sold it this week for $20,000.

Also, Ebola costumes have recently hit stores just in time for Halloween. They’re like a mix of Breaking Bad and politically incorrect. I’m just hoping I can making a slutty version by next Friday.




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A recent poll said more than half of Americans think global warming was caused by humans. Like what do the other half think, their dogs did it? Get real. I mean I’m not gonna stop driving and like walk to Starbucks or something insane but at least I can admit I’m slowly helping burn the ozone layer.





A former mayor in Mexico is now a suspect in a case of 43 missing students. I’d say this is shocking but like it’s Mexico, nothing shocks me about that fucking country anymore.




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