Eat These 7 Healthy Foods To Increase Your Sex Drive

Got a low sex drive? Love eating? Good news for all you hungry and wannabe ~thirsty~ betches out there, because there’s a ton of food you can eat that will turn you on. Yeah, chocolate-covered strawberries with whipped cream are one of the most commonly known aphrodisiacs, and they’re definitely f*cking delicious, but they aren’t necessarily *healthy*. Here are seven foods that will both increase your sex drive AND nourish your body (win-win).

1. Nuts

Certain nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are high in L-arginine and Vitamin E. Both of these nutrients promote healthy hearts, improved blood circulation, and better sexual health–all of the things that help to boost your libido! Next time you go to grab a bag of Cheetos or pretzels when you need a snack, grab some nuts instead. No pun intended.

2. Honey

Sweeten up your sex life with some honey! Honey is loaded with nutrients, including nitric oxide and boron, which helps to regulate sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. Honey will also optimize blood flow, give you a boost of energy (thanks to its natural sugar content), AND taste good. SUPPORT THE BEES AND ORGASMS. New petition?

3. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate = happiness. Like, eating it triggers the production of endorphins and serotonin, which are literally the things that make you happy. Not shocking. What IS shocking is that the phenylethylamine in dark chocolate actually stimulates the same exact hormones that your body releases during sex. I mean, we all know the saying: the darker the chocolate you eat, the more you want to have sex. JK, I made that up. But for real, chocolate is a “love drug,” and dark chocolate has a lot of health benefits. It’s a no-brainer. Now go get some dark chocolate covered almonds.

4. Avocado

FUN FACT! Did you know that the word “avocado” came from the Aztec word for “testicle”? Yup, because of the way the fruit hangs from the tree…like balls. LOL. Anyway, avocados are delicious and nutritious…and sexy. They’re fatty, they’ve got fiber, and they pack a bunch of vitamins that help boost the production of testosterone to get you or your partner going.

5. Chili

Not a fan of sweets? Spice it up instead! Thanks to the capsaicin found within it, eating a chili pepper makes you sweat, plumps up your lips, stimulates certain nerve endings on your tongue, speeds up your heart rate, and possibly even flushes your cheeks. It basically simulates what happens to your body when you’re aroused.

6. Basil

FUN FACT #2! Basil is one of the most erotic fragrances. Back in the day, women used to rub it on their skin to attract partners (I prefer to use my mediocre looks and awkward personality to lure in my victims, but to each their own). The Romans also considered basil a sacred plant and symbol of love. If you don’t like the taste of it, then swap out your go-to perfume for some basil essential oil to boost everyone’s sex drive!

7. Tuna

Besides the whole mercury contamination thing, tuna is a decently healthy fish to eat. Anddd it can make you want to have sex, so it also has that going for it. Tuna contains omega-3 fatty acids that release happy-inducing hormones like dopamine in the brain. Now go prepare a sexy date night meal for your boo to get you both in the mood: pesto-rubbed tuna with a side of sauteed spinach for dinner with dark chocolate and ~nuts~ for dessert. Pun intended.

So, there you have it. Seven foods that you probably already love, but maybe didn’t know can have major aphrodisiac properties. Let me know in the comments if you have fun ideas of how to use these foods to turn your love life up a notch!

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Morgan Mandriota
Morgan Mandriota
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