East Pole: The British Are Coming (Slowly)

East Pole Rating: 4.5

Food: 2.0

Service: 0.5

Atmosphere: 2.0

The East Pole is one of those places that’s worth going for a few select dishes and nothing else, but those select dishes are worth going back for. It’s a “British” style restaurant and even though British and high quality food are often mutually exclusive, The East Pole is a dece brunch spot, especially if you’re an uptown betch.

The menu is not large by any means, and basically the reason to go is for their toasts. Seriously they would be nothing if they couldn’t make use of toast as a vehicle for various dips, cheeses, and vegetables.

The crowd

Fun for all the ages. Like you could go with your besties or your boyfriend or your grandma. It’s that versatile. 

The atmosphere

Love the decor, very calming and light. It’s definitely a soothing atmosphere for the hangover. The tables aren’t really big but the booths are sort of sleigh-like. It also has a really cute outdoor seating area, but everything about The East Pole screams ‘wintry mix’ so I don’t know if I see myself hitting up this place too hard in summer. Also the downstairs bathroom is so adorable I'd eat my meal there. 

Is the bread worth the carbs? Like we said, you’re here for the toast and jams.

What celebrity might you run into? Sean Penn, Katie Couric

Is it instagram friendly? Amazing lighting if you’re upstairs or under the skylight, and some of the meals are very photogenic like the avocado toast which is just a shit ton of avocado. 

Shoe situation: Heels? What is this Dallas? Flats can be chic if you're not dressed like an hungover mess. 

Good for: Brunch with the besties, brunch with the boyfriend, brunch with the parents, talking shit about the staff

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Price: $$


The service

Okay, so they definitely took the British theme too far and thus the service was slow as fuck. They didn’t seat us for like 20 minutes after our reservation time even though we were all there and asked to be seated, and there were many tables available. Perhaps it was a miscommunication because we were getting drinks but it was annoying. Also, our waiter said he usually worked the night shift so he didn’t know shit about anything on the brunch menu. When we asked what he thought of the toast with ricotta, cranberry, and pistachio his response was “it’s toast.” Oh, and all three of our menus were slightly different.

The Food

The water was warm, just saying. And it took forever to bring us coffee.

They were out of banana bread, one of their specialties. It was 2pm. What is this, Europe?

Toast with ricotta – And cranberry and pistachio. Simple but very good. So worth the carbs.

Macro plate – The description makes it sound SO amazing and healthy and perfect for sharing, but when you get it there is a bite for each person which is rough bc only 2/10 items are good.

Smoked salmon crostini – This is one of the few reasons we’re even reviewing The East Pole. It’s smoked salmon on whole wheat toast with a delicious spread underneath, and avocado on the side. It’s just the perfect breakfast.

Avocado toast – It’s just amazing a-toast with hard boiled eggs and spicy sauce (perhaps sriracha?) on top. The bread is crunchy and I wish I could make something this good but let’s face it, I’m too lazy to even try. The real reason to come back here.

Wintergreen omelette – It was good but we wouldn’t come here for that. Perfect healthy option for the betch who’s being like, really strict on her diet this week. Like really strict.

Home fries – Not that good, and they were pointless without ketchup. Therefore they were pointless.

Gluten Free Options

Macro plate, kale caesar salad, soup, tuna tartare can all be adjusted. Actually, they claim that anything can be adjusted, but these people have no idea what they're talking about so hope your allergy is not deadly.


Heirloom Tomato Bloody Mary – Very fresh, a lot of horseradish but good.

Summer in Avignon (vodka, fresh lavender, lemon) – Delicious and not annoyingly sweet.

Spiced Pear Bellini (house cinnamon infused vodka, lillet white) – Good take on the bellini. They definitely do drinks well, they just bring them way too fucking slow.

Restaurant Info:

133 E 65th St,
New York, NY 10065

Phone: (212) 249-2222


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