Should I Dump The Guy I’m Dating Because He Has a Really Small Penis? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I've recently met a super hot pro with whom I've really hit it off with. He's a total gentleman and has asked me out on a few dates and things have been going great. Over the weekend it was his friend’s birthday so we all went out to the club together. After a hot night of drinking & dancing I finally let him take me home. Everything was going great until he took his pants off….this guy is small down there, and quite significantly, might I add. He's literally the smallest I've ever seen and so the sex was bad. I don't know what to do as I really like this guy and he's awesome in every
other aspect.

This situation is fairly recent however, so it wouldn't be too late for me to back out since I haven't developed any major feelings yet. But honestly I do want to keep seeing him because he's a fantastic guy in every other aspect. My question is, is this something I can/should deal with, or will I just become more bitter about it overtime so it'd be better to end things now? I know you can't decide for me, I just wanted to get some advice/general knowledge from you as my besties haven't been much help in that department.


Too Small to Please

Dear Too Small to Please,

Discovering that a guy who's otherwise great has a small penis is always a letdown. These guys also often have pretty good personalities because they need to compensate for something. Take comfort in the fact that even though your guy isn’t physically cocky, he isn’t personality wise either.

Unless you’re Samantha Jones, I’ve never heard of someone harboring secret bitter resentment towards someone for having a small penis. Like, a small engagement ring definitely but I can’t remember the last time my bestie told me about a fight with her boyfriend where he was like “could you be nicer to my mom?” and she was like “can you grow a bigger dick?”

That being said, if the sex is bad an unexciting the relationship is going to suck. There’s plenty of ways for a guy to make up for the fact that he’s not well endowed. If he’s not pleasing you with sex alone, make sure he goes down on you or find a position where he can get in deeper. The small penis thing shouldn’t be a dealbreaker unless he sucks at all other sexual shit too. Most guys know how to make up for their sexual limitations. I’m sure he’s not under the impression that he’s huge. If he doesn’t try to please you in other ways or make sure you’re sexually satisfied that’s a different story and in that case you should break up with him. Sex life is an extremely important part in a relationship and if the sex isn’t good now, it’s going to really suck once you’re two years in and things aren’t fresh anymore. And hey, in the words of Larry David, it’s possible that you just have a big vagina.


The Betches


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