239. Drunk Snapchatting

These days, Snapchatting is about as essential to a betch’s drunk experience as a vodka soda with lemon. Like all technology, Snapchat was something we didn’t know we needed until it existed, and now life will never be the same. Take the drunk selfie, for example, which we’ve always loved, but could never send out to our entire contact list in a socially acceptable way. Snapchat fucking revolutionized the game, and we’ve been loyal to that weird ass ghost ever since.

The first drunk Snapchats of the evening typically begin somewhere between shots five and ten at the pregame. They’re usually provoked by the absence of someone who needs to know that everyone else is hanging out without them. For example, if six out of your seven besties are all getting shmmammered together, you KNOW #7 is going to get a 5 second picture of you guys with the caption “WHERE ARE YOU.” This is also especially true when two less good friends are hanging out and the connector friend is missing. As soon as there is a lull in the convo, someone will inevitably suggest that we “HAVE to Snapchat Emily!! She will love that we are together!” Emily prob DGAF but hey, any excuse to document your new statement necklace is fine by you.

Throughout the evening, Snapchat also becomes incredibly useful when you get drunker (read: incapable of texting) and are on the move. Instead of autocorrecting your way through ten different annoying text conversations, you can simply Snapchat a pic with you and the bouncer at Marquee. See ya there, betches.

Like most drunk activities, Snapchatting can also become dangerous when done in excess or in a state of extreme intoxication. You know you’ve got a problem when you wake up to multiple screenshots of your Snapchats and have no clue what they are. You have to ask your friends what the hell happened, and with images, captions and filters for your blackout self to choose from—there’s a lot that can go wrong. It’s because of this that no Snapchat sent after 2 AM should ever be longer than 3 seconds.

That being said, you shouldn’t be afraid to drunk Snapchat and drunk Snapchat often. It is the latest and greatest way to show the world that you’re wasted and hot AF, and if you didn’t do that, did you even go out?



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