Drunk/High Lamar Odom Raps About Cheating On Khloe

Lamar and his lackey Bobby Bottle Service are at it again, shirtless rapping about money and being black and other shit like that but also about cheating on Khloe!!!! Khloe, who apparently heard about Lamar's new gangsta rap while on a flight, was seen wearing her ring when she got on the plane but had her left hand hidden in her purse when she landed. OBVI Khloe was not having it, and apparently she's still not having it because she hasn't been seen wearing her ring since. And now I guess he's (still) on crack… 

Here's the video, you can't really tell what the fuck he's saying but at point Lamar says, “And when Khloe's out of town I still be on the DL.”  


Source: Tmz.com


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