Drunk Hero Sets Up Fake DUI Checkpoint

Drunkies sometimes do ridiculous things. From dancing on tables, to making out with someone in flannel, let’s face it, our drunk-selves get into some pretty hilarious hi-jinks.

One Pennsylvania teenager is probs regretting his drunken hi-jinks right about now, though. Police think 19-year-old Logan Shaulis was totes hammered when he posed as a state trooper and made some people stop at his fake DUI checkpoint.

The kid was prepared to look like a cop, meaning he had enough foresight to get a bunch of police-y supplies, get wasted, and then play one of the greatest (read: totally illegal) pranks of all time. He had a BB gun pistol, some flares, handcuffs and even a portable scanner.

So Logan gets all of this set up on the side of a highway or something and then starts flagging people down to come get fake DUI-checked. Officials say Shaulis stopped at least one car at his fake checkpoint and identified himself as Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Steve Rogers i.e. the name of Captain America. Hilarious.

So now he’s facing a felony charge and like 15 other misdemeanor charges.  Maybe not worth it, but it does make for a pretty great drunk story.


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